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Drinking and thinking…

So, I’m sitting here over a drink an thinking hard about the text message my friend Priya sent me last night when I asked her if I can include her in my website …

Hmmm, we all know Priya right? She is gorgeous! Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated woman … and yet her answer was ‘‘not my face”… oh wow! That is a challenge … how can I post her special design dresses, tops, pants, shirts?

So, I’ll try… you tell me what you think…?

Priya’s fabric choice for Florida summer… bravo. Pure cotton, linen and 100% silk. She knows her value… 🥰

Making tops

And pants…

Ta Da!!!

Can you imagine how she looks in it? Some details ahead…

Front, trim hand made😊 with some beads as wow.

Back of the 👗


How about this?

she is a lot of fun to work for because, she loves colors…

Lady in red

Some Details …

She likes business casual

Black and white

Little by little… mix and mach…

Detailed, puffy sleeves✌️

Stitch meets stitch…

how about some black and red. hand made designs with leather detailing in 3D😁 sounds fancy…

Over the linen🦋

And more

How about some ”V”? In pink…💕


Belt optional hand made… probably not Priya’s

hot, hot summer, perfect for a beach day.

casual ideas from used scarf…

Pure silk, perfect for Florida 🥻

Adorable …😊

Priya also got her scarf reused … good idea for a top👚

We made more in pink ;) we made so much stuff!

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