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What do you do when you are busy making dresses for other princesses and you think that party is tomorrow and just casual, and as always your friend Priya reminds you in the last moment that in fact is tonight and quite dressy …Christmas calls the heart aaaaa…

You can cheat and look through your closet, hoping you find something pop…or!

oh there it is, simple black gown made few years back, from Italian silk you got in Rome, because you could not resist and hmmm to be little extravagant, add on GG belt on red side to make Christmas spirit there…

But well, not bad but not enough… so what now? 1 hour to destination… how about little cape? I have an hour or so to find a fabric (luckily I have bunch in my sewing closet), design and stitch my cape…………I can do it!!!


?like this?

Or this?


even this way… or without it …

Well quick decision, thinking…

all right! Let’s go… so dress idea not bad… pictures quality awful…sorrrry… just to remind you. Because of Priya I only had few minutes to get ready… I can’t be perfect all the time! I’ll try harder with pictures next time …

My girlfriends like It! Ufff, we even match. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO… what do you think? 5 stars? :)

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