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Girls Trip 2021 Greece

Long break in traveling … hmmm🤦‍♀️

…we are still during pandemic, endless days at home…but finally we can escape to Greece.

l met my GIRLS, Beata and Helena in Athens. I was super happy to see them…

and as always my eyes were set on beautiful surroundings, sun and colors and fashion of Greece. Practically empty streets of Greece were open to enthusiastic tourists like us. Restaurants were ready to feed and entertain us with the best efforts. So there we go… we eat, and drink and shop… but most of all we walk, and walk, and walk….. a lot…fully controlled by Helena’s l-watch … really… ( worse than husband 🤷‍♀️)

’’you can do it IT said… 13 km later …’’ SO, girls, girls, girls …lots of fun,

little crying, home spa, new friends, and therapy … over coffee and local beverages … fresh fruits and vegetables, and again in every spare moment …hmmm shopping. But as always for me personally…inspirations. I saw fashion and new ideas in everything around me. For those who know history and Greece itself, we all know what I mean right?

Welcome to Greece… how can we help you?😷

…walking and looking around…👣

Someone looks happy 😃 ( Dalvin was left on the ship…)

Meeting fellow designers 👗

Taking men for a walk 😂😂😂😂

oh, l really have my eyes on the peacock 🦚

🍾🍾🍾 home spa with booze…🍾🍷🍾🍻🍹🍸

But wait…. That’s not it! A week later we decided to leave the land and get to the water ha ha… private ship, “Beauty L“ … WOW…

As new crew members we took in one more girl for fun…Ania and hmmm 3 guys too…help (???), Mateusz, Dalwin and a captain Piotr.

WoooHooo, over the sea, empty islands, colors, sun, more food, more ….and more inspirations (for me)… for example beach full of peacocks WOW! Can you imagine the dress I saw in my head????? (Well, I already have a fabric for one of you, guess who?)

🥗Greek salad

…hot hot hot…girls need to drink 🍷

”Beauty L“ here we come…

NO, we couldn’t get any higher than that 😳


So, question… can you recognize the pieces I made on above pictures??? how many?

Not over until is over…retreat… here we go you I-watch, thingy… (was it 13 km or miles?) brrr 🤦‍♀️

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