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Middle man

If you ever ask my son Kevin who he is, he will tell you “the man behind the scene “…

HMMM… those who know Kevin the most will laugh, because we all know that he is born to be a leader. Since he was little, we always knew that he will better be a director or else… 😳

He just finished his grad school and ufffff… he is an MBA and director in his company…

His life passion is baseball and thankfully after being a baseball player throughout his youth, he is lucky to work for a baseball organization.

Kevin knows how to run the world and how to bring the best of people around him. He is companionate and competitive.

He loves his family, and dogs.

Kevin is a good, loyal friend and crying arm for his crew… good psychologist material🥸🧐

Kev likes walking and exploring … he has his mafia knowledge in one finger😎

He loves NYC🙃

He know where to find best food…

No matter where he is, he always checks on baseball and scouting players🤩🤩🤩

He loves baseball and he is supportive of his family 💪💪💪

Kevin is sweet an he always be a mama’s boy🥰

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